Direct Drive 1042V001 – Best direct-drive garage door opener

Clients adulate the Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4-strength garage door opener for its strong German designing. They likewise like the calm, solid direct-drive framework. Establishment is moderately simple, as well, in any event contrasted with other garage door openers.


  • Effective
  • Quiet
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Moderate
  • Keypad sold independently


Among the calmest you can purchase. Belt-driven garage door openers have a notoriety for being calm, yet the Direct Drive 1042V001 gives them a keep running for their cash and, as per numerous client audits, proves to be the best. Reports much of the time say that the main sounds you’ll hear originated from the door itself. Clients likewise adulate the Direct Drive 1042V001’s tranquil 3/4-strength engine. They say that it effortlessly lifts the heaviest garage doors, from a 16 far reaching, strong wood model to a 18 all inclusive protected door with windows on top. The opener is evaluated for doors up to 550 pounds. On the off chance that this garage door has a shortcoming it’s speed, or rather the scarcity in that department. Numerous analysts say that regardless of what size or weight of door you have, the Direct Drive 1042V001 is slower than most other garage door openers; most include that it is just a minor bother.


Genuinely essential. While the Direct Drive 1042V001 has the rudiments all around secured, you won’t discover a portion of the additional items spotted on premium garage door openers. There’s no battery reinforcement, for instance, and there are no brilliant features or any approach to control the opener from the Internet. It’s HomeLink perfect, however like all openers that bolster HomeLink, it’s not good with that element in more seasoned autos without springing for an additional cost connector. A remote section keypad is excluded, but rather the Direct Drive 4078V001 Wireless Keypad (Est. $35) is accessible as an embellishment. In any case, you do get two vehicle remote controls, a wired multifunction divider control and security sensors. Like most present day garage door openers, the framework utilizes a moving code for included security.

Ownership experience

It’s shockingly simple to introduce. Most clients are charmingly shocked by how simple the Direct Drive 1042V001 is to introduce. They report introduce times of somewhere in the range of two to five hours, and say that the directions are, generally, simple to take after, however others additionally fuss of some little blunders in those. Analysts likewise like that the three-piece rails settle inside each other, which fits the garage door opener into an assortment of spaces; they say it’s extraordinary for tight spaces where a more drawn out model won’t fit. Clients report that it opens the distance to the top, even on 8-foot garage doors, with no connector expected to suit the additional stature, however connectors are accessible for taller doors or more troublesome establishments. Unwavering quality looks great, however reports of fizzled units aren’t inconceivable. Client benefit gets blended input, however the dominant part that expected to contact the producer observed it to be useful. The guarantee is among the best – lifetime on the whole unit, two years on embellishments.

A Novel Version Of IP Address: Ipv4

A look into the world of IP address

A separate identity is assigned to every existing personal computer through the IP address, the complete term for which is Internet Protocol Address. Not only this, this magnificent piece of technical address is also provided to printer, cellular devices and router and has an established connectivity with TCP/IP network that aids in the recognition of node in the communication with the other nodes on a particular network. IP address is a huge sphere whose governing body is Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) and also by regional internet registries that are five in the counting.

IP address assists in the effective location tracking and the identification of the interface. The IP address’ header is sent across the internet and must encompass the IP address of the destination server as well as of the sender. It is the task of Domain Name System (DNS) that decode the domain appellations to the parallel targeted IP address, spotting the device or the computer where the reserves and the provisions applied for by the clients are located.

A branch of IP address

However, in this piece of exegesis, we are going to talk about login address which is, most probably, the address of some broadband router used at home. Talking in the more precise terms, it is certainly the default estimate of a number of D-Link and also the Netgear model routers. It is actually the IPv4 network address that is private in nature. Home-use router is the one that can render support in establishing the default gateway. Apart from this, you have also got an alternative to enter the organisation console of the same through a website by the name of

Its installation: A quick glance at the brief manual

  • A network cable will be brought into use and connect the wireless device, that is, the router, to the computer. For any bloke, who is a novel user, it is recommended that they use a cable for the purpose of direct connection. After the connection is established, type 168.0.1 IP address in the address section for setting up the screen of wireless router and then will come across the login username and password that will be a default one. Post the login, the Setup Wizard will come into view to guide you further.
  • Fix the SSID name that is nothing but the router model, a default one, though you can change its name whenever you wish to. The next part is the setting section that hardly needs to be altered but you must alter the security settings and guard it with the help of some sturdy password. Click “Next” after this and reboot the router so that the wireless access can be connected to the internet.
  • Now comes the stage of some wireless search. This is the final stage in the setup process. Hunt for the Wi-Fi signal and connect to it. You will have to enter the password, if demanded, and after supplying the pass code, you can easily connect to the internet. is the IP address that can be used on any router or brand or any local network or computer. This address can be brought under use on the IPv4 address that is private.     


Megs – Immediately after & 4 weeks after SGA treatment 2

In this video, Megs discusses her SGA treatment, immediately after her second treatment and four weeks later. She is very happy with the results of her treatments.

SGA No 2 for Megs

In this video, you will see Megs undergo her second SGA treatment. During her first treatment, we concentrated on pimples and cysts that were clearly visible on her skin. For her second treatment, we concentrated on treating the lesions under her skin, which Megs calls her “congestion” but which are actually small, chronically inflamed sebaceous glands.