Excellent Results from SGA

I am posting a number of photographs today of some of our clients who are currently having SGA treatments. All the clients are woman over the age of 20, who have persistent, treatment resistant acne. I have always felt this was a significant subgroup of Acne affected adults and I came across a Spanish study,, published in 2009, which also proposed recognising this subgroup, as the incidence of adult Acne is thought to be increasing and it is twice as common in women than in men. What is so important for this group of adult females, who are affected by chronic Acne, is that they do not respond to antibiotics and are less responsive to topical treatments ( like medicated creams ). The authors of this study proposed using intermittent low dose isotretinoin ( Roaccutane ) to treat these women but admitted the relapse rate following this treatment was 40%!

I know for my group of female adults with chronic acne, SGA is a godsend. A quote from the Spanish study summarises my view exactly:

“It is important to dedicate time and energy to these patients as the impact on their quality of life can be even greater than that seen in adolescents, and sensitivity is required in offering medical solutions to their skin problems”.

I have seen so many young adult woman over the past 12 years who have been so distressed by their chronic Acne, that it becomes a barrier to them enjoying their lives. To be able to offer them a permanent solution that does not involve ongoing drug therapy is profoundly satisfying.

Please note, all of these clients have only had 1-2 SGA treatments and will require several more treatments to be permanently breakout free. It can also take another 6 to 9 months for all of the red scarring ( post inflammatory hyperpigmentation ) to fade.