More great SGA results

I have written earlier posts about what a big problem Adult Acne and Breakouts are. It is difficult to determine how common Adult Acne is, but a study published in 2008 ( which attempted to measure the prevalence ( how many people are affected )  of Acne in adults 20 years and over ), reported 42.5% of men and 50.9% of women continue to have problems with acne and breakouts in their 20s. Although the peak prevalence of Acne is the teenage years, the mean age at presentation for treatment is 24 years.

This is certainly our experience and the majority of people we are treating with SGA are adults. I believe the majority of teenagers put up with mild to moderate Acne, waiting to “grow out of it”. But young Adults affected by Acne are quickly frustrated when the common Acne creams fail to reduce their Acne and are looking for a permanent solution. The hardest part of this search is wading through the myriad of “fixes” advertised online and in magazines and trying to evaluate the claims.

I hope, over time, the weight of evidence of the effectiveness of SGA will make this process much easier.







More great results with SGA

Here are some more great results we are achieving for our clients with SGA. We have now been performing SGA for six months and our client base is building exponentially with word of mouth. When I introduce a new treatment into our Clinics, I always expect a stream of emails from my therapists with all the clients the treatment hasn’t worked for. I was expecting the same with SGA. We have treated over 1500 clients in the past six months with SGA and I have received one email about a client whose acne has not improved after 3 SGA treatments. We know now that some clients with particularly stubborn can take up to six treatments to start to see improvement and we have revised our recommendations so that new clients can expect to have 6 to 10 treatments to clear their Acne and breakouts.

One email from 1500 clients undergoing a brand new treatment, I am astonished. I would have expected  a 10% “problem with the treatment” rate and many, many more emails.

It’s still early days for us, and we are currently undertaking a massive follow up of all 1500 clients to determine our success so far. But most importantly, the feedback from all my therapists is that our clients are really happy with SGA and really happy with their progress.

We have a long journey to introduce SGA to all those people who could benefit from it and have it recognised as the effective Acne treatment it is, but we’ve made a great start.