What not to do for your Adult Acne

I would like to share with you an excerpt from an interview with Emma Stone about how she treats her Acne. Looking at Emma, you would never guess she had Acne, but she has suffered from breakouts from her teens and even resorted to Roaccutane, but had to stop it because her skin became too dry.

Emma Stone

Do you still break out?
“Yes, I’m breaking out right now!”

But you can’t see it!
“It’s because of Rach ( makeup artist ).”

What do you put on your face when you do have a zit?
“Usually, I use tea tree oil. I can’t go too crazy, or I’ll get a rash. My skin is really sensitive. Whenever it’s been really bad, I’ve gone to the dermatologist to get those cortisone shots. Those are amazing. They’re kind of a miracle. But also kind of terrifying because this huge needle is coming at your face. But no pain, no gain!”
( Reprinted from a Refinery 29 interview, Dec 6, 2012 )


I definitely do not advocate using steroid injections to control severe Acne. Pre Roaccutane, this was the only option for severe cystic Acne but, once we inject cortisone ( the commonest steroid used for the treatment of cysts ) we have absolutely no control over the outcome of the injection. Cortisone acts as a powerful anti inflammatory and, in most cases, will reduce the size of a cyst within 24 hours but it will often keep working too long and the result is an indented scar where the cyst was. So unfortunately, we are simply replacing one problem, the cyst, with another, a scar, if we use steroid injections for Acne cysts. I think it is a very brave doctor who injects her with steroids. She would be much better treated with SGA, which would give her a permanent solution for her breakouts.