More SGA Results

It’s coming up to twelve months since we started doing SGA in all our Clinics. In that time we have treated over 3,000 people with Acne & Breakouts and we have learned a lot about the time it takes to see significant control of breakouts and clear skin emerge. Whilst it is always difficult to generalise, we believe that SGA is at least a six month commitment    ( at the rate of one treatment per month ) and for some people with really stubborn breakouts, 12 months, to see that significant improvement. One of the challenges for our therapists for those clients that are slow to respond to SGA, is keeping them from giving up. It is one of the sad facts of Acne & Breakouts that there are a lot of treatments that promise to deliver clear skin, but very few that actually do. This means that our clients are very sceptical about SGA’s ability to deliver clear skin for them, unless they see immediate results. My job with this blog is to keep presenting the evidence that SGA is different and break through that scepticism that abounds in the minds of people with chronic Acne and breakouts. SGA will permanently eliminate your Acne and Breakouts, if you give it a chance.

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Another “Breakthrough” Acne Treatment

I have read four articles in the past week describing research into bacteria and viruses that interact with the P acnes bacteria on the skin and their potential to deliver a future “Acne Cure”. I can’t help feeling like Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark..”Indie, Indie, they’re digging in the wrong spot”. Too attention is paid by researchers, inaccurately in my opinion, to P acnes, which is not the cause of Acne. The role of P acnes in the Acne story is secondary to the malfunctioning of the sebaceous gland. If the sebaceous glands are functioning properly, P acnes is never a problem. After all, it is part of our ” normal” skin flora, the bacteria and viruses that live on our skin that act to help protect the skin from infection. In the malfunctioning sebaceous gland however, P acnes goes haywire, causing inflammation that leads to the formation of pimples and cysts.

Therefore, all our attention needs to be focussed on getting rid of the malfunctioning sebaceous glands. Enter Sebaceous Gland Ablation- SGA. SGA is the only treatment that focusses on eliminating the cause of Acne, the malfunctioning sebaceous gland, leading to permanently breakout free skin. In the Acne puzzle, SGA is the answer.