More great results with SGA

Coming up to 18 months since we started offering SGA in our Clinics, we have learned a lot about the expectations we should be setting for our new SGA clients. We know now that just about everyone who has SGA will experience improvement in the amount of breakout they experience, when they have a series of SGA treatments. We also know that clients will experience optimal results if they have SGA in combination with a follow up skin peel and LED light therapy one week after their SGA treatment. We also know that some clients will need at least 6 to 10 SGA treatments to see a significant improvement in their breakout and that there are some female clients with very treatment resistant acne, who will require treatment for longer periods to achieve breakout free skin. But for me, the most satisfying aspect of introducing this new treatment, has been the number of clients who had been liberated from the burden of chronic acne and are finally enjoying their lives to the full, without having to worry about when they will get their next breakout.

We are opening our first Clinic in Auckland New Zealand in the next few weeks and are actively working on our strategy to take SGA to the rest of the world.

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