SGA – A review

I am posting a review that the mother of one of our clients posted to our Facebook page. It really sums up what a huge difference SGA can make to acne sufferers’ lives:

At first I was very cautious as we had tried everything for Chelsea’s skin, so many things, so this really was my last shot for her as I would not have known what to do next. It has taken about 7 treatments if I recall so far but she is finally going to school without makeup. She hasnt done that in years. Always put a lot on to cover her acne, scarring, outbreaks and then been bullied some more for being a “cake face” or other names kids like to call others who struggle with acne. My heart bled for her when she told me she was injuring herself because she couldn’t take the bullying anymore and she hated her skin.

Well since starting this treatment I have seen a different person emerge, a beautiful confident young lady and I can not thank you enough for providing this service in Perth that has been able to give her that lease of life back she deserved. I have taken your brochures to promote what you do to the Drs at the surgery who were unaware of what you offer. If we can help one more person become aware of you and help them, then this journey has been well worth it. No more Drs, medications, ointments, crap skin products that promise miracles because they are endorsed by this or that celebrity which then fail to live up to the hype but rob you blind. We see that light at the end of the tunnel. I am certainly bringing my son in should he get skin like she had.