Best SGA Result

A big part of my job now is supervising more than 150 therapists around Australia and NZ who perform SGA. Every day I look at tens of photos of clients with Acne in all its guises. I particularly enjoy when therapists send me before and after photos of the success they had in treating a client with Acne. They are always as thrilled with the results as the client and have a tremendous sense of fulfilment. And sometimes a set of before and afters come to me that are so extraordinary I am as thrilled as them. So today I am sharing one such client with you all. OL came to us three months ago with severe breakouts and today he is well on his way to control following two SGA treatments, two peels and two LED light treatments as well as his home care, including Stieva A. The redness that he still has will fade over the next 6 to 9 months and in 12 months, his Acne will just be an unpleasant memory.OL before

OL after

OL before 1

OL after 1

OL before 2

OL after 2