Sebaceous Hyperplasia

My post today is about Sebaceous Hyperplasia, a condition seen more commonly in middle age but it can affect young adults as well. It is a benign condition ( meaning it does not create any harm ) but it can be a significant cosmetic problem for some people. Each lesion appears on the surface of the skin as a lump, as each lesion is a sebaceous gland that has grown out onto the skin. In the centre of each lump is a pore, which is generally enlarged.

The biggest problem with Sebaceous Hyperplasia is that nobody treats it ( which I still find extraordinary ) and if you do find some one who does, the chances are they will over treat the lesions with a laser. Over the years I have had clients who have gone to multiple doctors only to be told there is nothing that can be done.

Well the good news is, there is something that can be done. Sebaceous Hyperplasia is very readily treatable with gentle diathermy ( a heat and seal treatment ) and provided the treatment is down very gently, the cosmetic result is very good.

Gentle Diathermy for Sebaceous Hyperplasia will be available at all my Clearskincare Clinics in the coming weeks.

Sebaceous hyperplasia 1

Sebaceous Hyperplasia