Jessica Rowe’s Adult Acne

Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe has posted a lengthy article about her own history of Acne as both a teenager and an adult. I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica on the show Studio 10, whilst discussing the problem of adult acne in women and she is such a gorgeous woman and so happy to share her own experience with adult acne. Here is a sample of it;

I remember reading in Dolly magazine that the way to hide your pimples was by turning them into beauty spots with a black kohl pencil. That might work if you had just one or two spots, but I looked very odd with my face covered in twenty black ‘beauty spots’.

No wonder I never got kissed by any of the cool boys!

Clearly using eyeliner as a cover up wasn’t working, so Mum took me to a dermatologist who prescribed me oral antibiotics as well as antibiotic lotion of varying strengths for a few years. Nothing worked, so I ended up taking a number of courses of Roaccutane. A super heavy duty drug that had been marketed as being the ‘cure’ for acne. ( I do believe it stopped my skin from scarring)

Finally by the age of nineteen I had clear skin. My reprieve was short lived, with my cystic acne coming back with a vengeance when I was 21. Still another course of Roaccutane and it still wasn’t enough. My skin specialist sent me to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (basically my body produces too much male hormones and the side affects for me included acne and later problems falling pregnant- but that is a whole other story!)

The so called cure for my acne was hormone treatment and then later I went on the contraceptive pill. That has been enough to keep my skin behaving most of the time. However since turning forty I have been introduced to the joys of yet more acne!

Why? And I know it’s not just me and my decades long problematic skin. Acne is an all too common problem for many women once we approach premenopause and menopause.

If you would like to read her whole article visit her blog CrapHousewife